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I am Prashant Yadav

I tell stories

4.5/5 Rating. 72% 5 Star Reviews. 30% off on Amazon Today.

"Whoever says you cannot hold time, never smoked pot, never had good sex and definitely never did both, together."

"When in a frying pan, thank your stars. You will reminisce about it moments later when you fall in the fire."

"What you don't do, never really leaves you. What you let go of, never lets go of you."

"Everybody is a prophet of no if listened to long enough."

"Even Buddha had to leave everyone in the middle of the night."


Founder | Author #TheJeeraPacker | IIM Ahmedabad | IIT Kharagpur | II Dan Black Belt in Shito Ryu Karate | Rides Bullet for fresh air | Beats bad guys for breakfast


Everything is a story. From the cool, mountain breeze to a hot cup of tea. From her voice to her laughter. And the sound of her silence.

Stories are important. Stories are all that is to life. Check out the latest.


Have you written anything that you never showed to anyone? Great. That’s how stories are built.

Share it with us here. We will publish a select few with our regular readers.

The power(!) of education

Another of the granddad's stories. In a small town there lived a rich merchant. He had two employees - one, a highly educated one and the other uneducated, perhaps even illiterate. However, the ding was that the uneducated one drew a much higher salary than the...

The stories we tell ourselves

This is a story my maternal granddad told me years ago, and it was repeated to me quite a few times by mom as well, once, when as a little boy, I asked her if ghosts are real. The story goes like this. A man was building a thatched roof for his house. Now, thatched...

Dad, dogs and lesson number 2

1983. Me in class 2. Dad and me. Off to meet mom. Three legs to the journey - Shahjahanpur to Lucknow, Lucknow to Gonda and Gonda to Siddharthanagar (then called Naugarh). We in the middle, Gonda station (or was it Lucknow?). At a puri sabzi stall on the platform....

Why did the dog die?

Circa 1983. Me and Dad. Me in class 2. Shahjahanpur. DM Colony. Quarter no.81. He would get up early everyday and go out running. He would take me along, a kilometer away was a college ground where he would complete a couple of rounds and then we would walk around the...

Can you explain strategy simpler than this?

Strategy - one word that fascinates everyone ranging from Chanakya to Amit Shah to McKinsey suits to everyone with a full belly and enough intellectual pretensions. Confession - I too have been much enamoured by it, but have always struggled at articulating what...

What the readers say of The Jeera Packer…

…the book is simply a great read.
You start with the politics and go through guns and girls and elections and drugs and political inheritance without a slowing of the narrative. You are not allowed to rest or put away the book until it is over.

Manisha Lakhe

Reviewer, Writer,

I found The Jeera Packer to be a really enjoyable and fun read.
Prashant Yadav hits all of the right notes about the culture and dynamics of UP politics. He is a very engaging writer with a keen eye for plot.

Pankaj Goyal

Reader, Reviewer, Bibulous Biliobibuli

An extra ordinary suspense-crime thriller with a fusion of politics, crime, corruption, mid-life crisis, and conspiracies…
This is a must read book with intense feelings with all the essence of a Bollywood crime thriller movie.

Jobin Jose

Reviewer, Writer,

It’s not always that you come across a book by a debutante which makes you sit at one place in your bedroom and go on reading despite IPL running in the other room.
That’s the magic Prashant Yadav’s “The Jeera Packer” does upon you!

Abhilash Ruhela

Reviewer, Writer,

In all honesty I was prejudiced and expected little from an author with a very common name – Prashant Yadav. However he had me with his first chapter titled serendipity (my favorite word) and by the end of the book i was totally sold to his writing and storytelling .

This is a man’s book …correction, an alpha man’s book. A story revolving around politics, loyalty, ambition, deception, power, ego, guns, goons, profanities, bullets and bullet…with hardly any room for love is still, a very exhilarating read! I am a woman and I didn’t miss the mush….at all! I would rate it 5 but I won’t coz I am expecting to read so much more from Mr. Yadav !

Anupama Mukhiya

Reader, Reviewer,

The Jeera Packer

Highly Entertaining. Fun. Runs like a Bollywood Movie.

Music that moves the pen

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