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Love affair with the razor!

Ajay Gautam, a two year senior, BioTech, Kharagpur said long back, "Ladka apne baap ko dekh kar dadhi banana seekhta hai." A boy learns shaving, watching his dad. It stuck. Not because it was extraordinarily profound. But somethings just stick. And I had seen my dad...

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Why did the dog die?

Circa 1983. Me and Dad. Me in class 2. Shahjahanpur. DM Colony. Quarter no.81. He would get up early everyday and go out running. He would take me along, a kilometer away was a college ground where he would complete a couple of rounds and then we would walk around the...

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Would India’s metoo end slut shaming?

So, metoo hit India. Powerful men in media and entertainment called out on predatory behaviour. Will it end male privilege and predatory behaviour? Tough to say. Also, yet to be seen is what course metoo takes, still early days. But one interesting trend is indeed...

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